Stash Photography featured on Borrowed & Blue’s New Orleans Wedding Blog

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Your New Orleans wedding day is fast approaching, and if you’re like just about every other bride out there, you’re doing everything possible to get gorgeous for your big day. Time spent in the gym, hours planning healthy meals, and extra sun lounging will all add up to making you feel and look your best as you walk down the aisle. After putting so much time and effort into not only planning the wedding, but also your bridal look, you’ll not doubt be researching one of the amazing local wedding photographers to document you looking your best.

Speaking of wedding photographers, we are seeing more and more bridal portraits come our way, and are absolutely loving it. Since not every bride has enough time to get several bridal portraits taken on the day of the wedding, many photographers offer the option of booking a session a few weeks before to get these stunning shots. Photographers love bridal portrait sessions, and we asked Stash Photography and Blair Bennett’s Photography to tell us exactly why they adore capturing these romantic moments & why brides should consider a bridal portrait session.

Stephanie Mathews owns Stash Photography and has been photographing beautiful Big Easy weddings for the past seven years. Stephanie tells us that there is so much to love about bridal portrait sessions.

“I love the confidence a woman has when she’s wearing her wedding dress for the first time for bridals. The emotion you get from the bride is really fun to capture – a little bit of happy, sexy, serious, goofy. You put a bride in her dress and she’s almost on top of the world!”

When does Stash Photography suggest shooting bridal portraits?

“I suggest doing a bridal session no later than a month before the wedding date. That gives you enough time to make necessary changes, like altering the wedding dress if needed, and also order your bridal print(s) to display at the reception.”

Do you have a favorite setting or type of setting in New Orleans for drop-dead-gorgeous bridal portraits?

“I love the bright colors of the French Quarter. Also, if allowed, the hotels in the area are really gorgeous – The Saint Hotel has been one of my favorites to shoot portraits at.”

Any wedding advice for the bride-to-be in New Orleans?

“Don’t forget the second line!”